Getting Started

I grew up surrounded by creativity. My parents may have had regular day jobs but are both artists at heart, and are both constantly showing me how to live creatively. My mother had a large rug loom in our house that I used as a fort, and was always encouraging me to try new materials and make whatever my mind could come up with. My father and I used to pass the time while waiting at a restaurant by drawing comics back and forth with each other.  As long as I can remember I have been making something. It started with me crafting in my basement making neon beaded stretchy necklaces, clay figurines, crochet scarves, paintings, and sewn bags when I was little. As I grew my techniques grew. I moved onto figure painting, computerized patterns, large blanket weavings, metal jewelry and many more. I have dialed in and found my one main love which is weaving and all things fiber. 

xo Kate.

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