Little Black Sheep Studio

Welcome to Little Black Sheep Studio. My name is Kate Koconis-Henkels and this is my fiber arts studio. I am predominantly a weaver, but enjoy exploring all of the fiber arts.  I live and work out of my home studio in Providence Forge, VA. Everything you’ll find here is designed, handmade, packaged, and shipped by me.  I create modern one of a kind textiles that will easily fit into any space. I strive to make beautiful items created honestly, to make you feel at ease with your surroundings. 

Hand making is so important to me, since the process is where a lot my personal joy comes from. My work is made with extreme care and passion, and my hope is that those feelings are carried along with the textile, wherever it may end up. There is a special feeling that comes with an object you know someone took the time and energy to make by hand. It is a process that is harder, more time consuming, and chances are it will be more expensive than a mass produced item. I think it is more than worth it. You will end up with something that has a memory and a feeling attached to it. It’s not a disposable item that you’ll donate or get rid of in a season or two. These are items made with the utmost of care, that will last a lifetime. Each item in my shop is a little piece of me, and I hope to share with you the joy I get out of making them, 
If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. To see what I’m currently working on, and for a glimpse behind the scenes, you can find me on Instagram @kkoconis. And be sure to check out my Events page for upcoming markets, and workshops. 


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